In 2013, APA launched an initiative to support producers’ participation in educational programs. The initiative was met with great interest, and was therefore repeated in 2014. Last year, grants were given to: Jiri Konecny (D)K.Incubator); Karla Stojakova (Trans Atlanic Partners); Filip Bobinski (European TV Drama Lab); Marek Novak (International Producing); Michaela Strnad (Serial Eyes); Monika Jancova (Essential Legal Framework – Digital Strategies: Financing, Marketing and Distribution); Michal Kracmer (Maia Workshops); and Katerina Safarikova (EURODOC).
In 2014, APA tripled its funding for the stipend-driven program, from the previous year. Eight stipends were granted, with four going to members of APA. The participants’ observations about the courses were positive:
Karla Stojakova: “I recommend Trans Atlantic Partners to all producers who are looking for possibilities to co-produce their films with the US and Canada.”
Jiri Konecny: “The high quality of the courses stem from
an excellent choice of industry lecturers, and a successful selection of projects. We were able to learn a lot from them while we participated in analyzing their work. A large part of the program consists of projects being presented during the DOK industry panel. I find the preview within the context of the DOK Festival in Leipzig useful and helpful for our project.”
Marek Novak: “International Producing is a course aimed at recent graduates, who are familiar with the process and production side of making a film, but still lack the necessary experience and contacts to work internationally.  I wholeheartedly recommend this course, especially to recent graduates in film production and to professionals who are interested in European co-production but who are not as yet known entities on the home market and don’t have a sufficiently developed project that would allow them to participate in more advanced platforms such as ACE or EAVE.”
The Association recommends concrete educational programs and will prioritize them during the grant-giving process. At the same time, it is open to other suggestions from applicants. The stipend is granted based on a selection process by the APA Board of Directors, and is not given automatically. The grant covers 50% of the cost of a course and is conditional on a completed application plus additional materials. This year’s deadlines are March 30; June 30., September 30; and December 20. The applicant will receive a decision about financial support three weeks after the deadline and in exceptional cases retroactively. Grant applications must be scanned and emailed to

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