The Audiovisual Producers’ Association (APA) welcomes changes in the audiovisual act approved by the government today. The proposed amendment of the act was implemented by the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the State Fund for Cinematography.

The amendment in the audiovisual act institutes an annual grant for film production from the state budget.  The amount of the grant will correspond to the revenue earned by the Fund from audiovisual fees collected in the previous fiscal year.Currently, this revenue comes to approximately 200 million Czech Crowns (approx. US$8 .2 million) annually. Thanks to the state grant the amount should almost double in the coming year. The amendment brings the government into alignment with the majority of European Union member states that partake in funding film productions.“We are pleased that the government accepted its share of responsibility for the future of Czech film production and that its financial contribution will be on par with the private sector,” says Pavel Strnad APA’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The amendment also significantly adjusts the process of granting financial support from the Fund’s coffers, especially in increasing transparency during the Council members’ selection of individual projects.

The government amendment of the audiovisual act approved today makes the system of incentives for film projects simpler and more flexible – applicants will now be able to submit requests for projects any time during a fiscal year.The proposed changes will allow the Czech film industry to function at its full capacity, and will prevent the drain of potential investors – i.e. foreign productions -- to countries that, in contrast to the Czech Republic, do not have an issue with financial backing and that can guarantee incentives for film production immediately and at any time during the fiscal year.“It is very important that the system of investment incentives in the film industry has finally been established and as such will now be a functioning and truly competitive tool in the growth of the Czech film industry,” comments producer Radomir Docekal about the government blueprint of the amendment approved today.


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